The Snowman Cometh

31 01 2011

The clouds slowly crept in from the Northwest to hang ominously above the downtown skyline. The sun was blotted about by the white clouds that stretched from horizon to horizon. Tension clung to the walls in a haze you could nearly feel. It wasn’t so much widespread panic and fear as anxious anticipation of what would arrive in the coming hours.

The morning began as most do in the depths of winter. It was cold. The wind wasn’t strong, but it was bitter cold. Nothing unusual about that. There was a feeling though. An emotion arose from the deep, dark parts of the soul. Something was amiss. That inexplicable and foreboding feeling of impending doom.

With a turn of the key the car roared into action. Even on the coldest of mornings she’s a reliable starter. The radio chirped to life and then it hit. You knew what the feeling was. The weather forecast was just beginning and the weatherman relayed what you already knew to be true. Doom and gloom. Your wintry demise was upon you, and there was nowhere to run. “Metropolitan areas expected to receive ten inches, perhaps twelve,” the weatherman forewarned.

Here? Now? But there were preparations to be made and no time to make them! You already knew the hardware store was out of snow shovels and the grocery store’s shelves were bare of everything from bread to SPAM. You take a quick mental inventory of the pantry and realize you just might be able to squeak out survival for the next 48 hours or so. What about power? You have a generator, but it’s still in the shed and you almost surely don’t have enough gas for it. There may be time after work to get by the gas station if they haven’t already run the tanks dry. “Why is it that people always stock up on gas when crisis is at hand?” you wonder to yourself.

It’s impossible to find focus and motivation sitting in the office. How can anyone get any work done when we know what’s coming? Surely the meteorologists are exaggerating, right? A foot of snow isn’t possible here. That’s absurd!

But it’s not absurd. It’s reality. And it’s about to relentlessly hammer down on you from above with reckless abandon. The frozen tundra is coming, and you are not prepared. You are not prepared for SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011!


Seriously folks, I hope everyone is prepared for the winter weather that is on the way. Be safe out there and stay warm!




4 responses

31 01 2011

You MUST be one of my students; they are all convinced that we will be out of school until Monday 🙂
Well written, though. Very suspenseful.

31 01 2011

Once a boy scout-always a boy scout. Be prepared-you know Oklahoma weather can change in moments notice.

31 01 2011
Dena Donnell

You crack me up!!! Take some pics and send them to me…I’d love to see what SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011 looks like. 🙂

31 01 2011

Bring on the snow day! 🙂 I hope Snopocalypse 2011 is everything they say it will be!

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