I Love Small Towns

17 12 2010

I was out in a small town yesterday for work, and found myself looking for something to eat.  If you’ve never spent any time out in Small Town, America I suggest you start.  There are lots of little places with lots of character to visit and get a sample of the simple life.  Although I was focused on work (right…) I could not ignore my screaming stomach at lunch time.  I was on my way back at this point, and I had skipped breakfast.  I was famished, ravenously hungry, nearly ready to eat my own arm off… Tiny exaggeration of course.

So what does one do when they are out in the middle of nowhere with nothing in range besides a few small towns located along the back country roads?  You stop in the smallest, greasiest, oldest diner you can find of course!  I was lucky enough to have a connection to someone who had spent some time in this particular small town.  He gave me the lowdown, inside scoop, straight talk, the skinny.

I followed his instructions and arrived at this little bitty, teeny tiny burger joint called Folger’s in Ada, Oklahoma.  Apparently Folger’s has been around since Ada was a tent city.  Oddly enough, the burgers are still flipped by the same two brothers who opened the place.  Between the two of them I reckon they have about 130 years of burger-flipping experience.  Naturally, I ordered a cheeseburger, made exactly as they intended, with a side of piping hot french fries.

Behold!  The Folger’s Cheeseburger Basket!  Bow down and avert your eyes to it’s majesty and splendor!

Seriously, this is one of the top three best tasting hamburgers I’ve had in my entire life.  Not surprising, the best burgers I’ve ever had were all in small towns.  This is why I reiterate my first point.  Explore, go on an adventure, discover dirty little diners in a small town near you.  You won’t be disappointed.  Perhaps you too can find a hidden gem like I found.

If I don’t write again before next week, I wish you all happy and safe holidays!




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18 12 2010
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27 12 2010

Of course you visit Ada during winter break. =/
PS: Folgers is pure heaven, isn’t it?

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