We Do It Like Monks

8 11 2010

The day finally arrived, friends!  I have officially brewed my first batch of beer!  Well, sort of.  It’s sitting in a jug in the closet right now.  No idea what it will taste like, but in about 4-6 weeks I will have beer, in bottles, ready to consume.  So here’s a little recap of how the brew bash went down.

First, big thanks to my buddy Brandon who has been homebrewing for a couple years now.  He has been talking to me about it for quite some time, and he came over last night to help out and walk me through the brewing process for my first time.  It’s definitely nice to have a resource available for your brewing questions.  And he brought homebrew…


Hey bro, I brought you some homebrew so you can have a homebrew while homebrewing your homebrew!


The process was actually pretty straight forward.  Basically, you boil some water, you add your ingredients, then you put it in a big jug to chill out and turn into beer courtesy of our little friends the Yeasties.  The actual brewing doesn’t take too long, theres a lot of waiting that goes on in the process.  Wait for your water to boil, wait for the wort (the malt, hops, grains, water mix) to boil up nicely, wait for the wort to chill.


I almost burned the house down. But just once.


There’s plenty to do while all this waiting is going on though.  For instance, when brewing beer sanitation is supremely important.  You mix up a bucket of sanitation solution and make sure everything that touches the beer is clean.  Getting infections and other little nasties in your beer can ruin the batch if you aren’t careful about cleanliness.  Speaking of little nasties in your beer, one of the joys of brewing outside is the wind which saw fit to throw a leaf in my kettle.  No biggie, it just adds a little flavor and provides the name for my first beer: Brown Leaf Wheat Beer.


The smell of freshly boiled malt and hops is heavenly.


The absolute best part of all this waiting is the chance to sit back and enjoy a tasty homebrew while taking in the scents of the new beer being brewed.  The earthen and wheaty smells of the grains and malt combined with the floral and woody scent of the hops creates something that can’t be replicated elsewhere.  It shows you how natural and perfect beer is.  It truly is a creation of the earth itself.

All things considered I had a really great time brewing up my first batch of beer.  It currently sits in a closet in the garage where it will hang out and relax for a few weeks while the yeast goes to town on the sugar.  Once that fermentation process is complete I will be ready to bottle it, and everybody knows what comes after bottling.  Drinking it!

So for now I’m just going to wait and let the magic happen while doing my best to observe the timeless mantra spoken by old homebrewers to the new: Relax.  Don’t worry.  Have a homebrew.




5 responses

8 11 2010

please save me a bottle! And just fyi, it only takes once to burn the house down.

8 11 2010

Will do! My plan is for them to be ready at Christmas to share with everybody. Unless they end up terrible, then I’m not so sure I want to brag about my nasty beer.

And I will be more careful with the fire….

8 11 2010
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11 11 2010

Good going…!!i am sure its going to taste better than any other beer you have tasted so far…after all its your homebrew!waiting for your blog on “tasting the Brown Leaf Wheat”….:))

11 11 2010

i wish i could be there around all that brewing..is it this simple??start brewing a good big batch for christmas if it takes long..btw i hope you get more committed to your cycling as an exercise after Brown Leaf Wheat..

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