My Kate Spade Kindle Cover

4 11 2010

As I sit here enjoying cookies and hot tea for breakfast while checking my personal email I came across a targeted marketing email from  Let me start by defining what I mean by “targeted marketing” because that is probably not the correct term for it.  I pretty much just made it up, it sounded good.  Targeted marketing, in my book, refers to the emails you get from retailers and e-tailers that show you specific things you might be interested in based on what you’ve searched for on their website.  For instance, I’ve recently been browsing Amazon looking at desktop gaming computers (NERD!) and so every other day I seem to get an email from them with 10 of their hottest PCs listed to entice me.

This morning’s targeted marketing email is where the system broke down though…  I purchased a Kindle (Amazon’s e-reader) about a month ago.  I also bought a case to go on the Kindle to protect it.  My email this morning is showing me great deals on Kate Spade New York Kindle covers.  What?!  There are two fundamental problems with this.  1) I already own a Kindle cover, and 2) Why would I want a Kate Spade cover?  I’m a dude!  Here’s a couple examples of the covers I’m referring to:

These cases are quite lovely and I do like stuff that is both chic and charming, but COME ON!  Seriously Amazon?  You know everything about me.  You know that I browse for gaming computers, you know that I already purchased a Kindle cover, you know that I only read nerdy fantasy novels, and I’m pretty sure I once searched for Macho Man Randy Savage on Amazon just to see what would happen (maybe that’s where this came from… he is chic and charming!)

This is my personal favorite!  If you read My Reading Rainbow blog post you’ll know how much I just LOVE Great Expectations.

I guess I’ll get to the point.  We’ve come a LONG way with technology.  Targeted marketing like this is really interesting to me, and truthfully I look forward to seeing these emails every day.  90% of the email I get is marketing and junk from various websites and organizations and I love it.  On the flip side, it gets a little wonky sometimes like when I get an entire email devoted to Kate Spade Kindle covers.  It can even be a little creepy when I’m on some random website and a Zappos ad pops up showing me the exact shoes I was looking at two days earlier.

The reality is we are being tracked, put into databases, and sent menacing emails with stuff we sometimes might want to buy, and I guess I’m okay with that for some reason.  Just stop trying to sell me stuff from Kate Spade!




One response

4 11 2010

I, on the other hand, would LOVE a Kate Spade Kindle cover. No, wait, I don’t have a Kindle yet. But if I find a Macho Man Randy Savage Kindle cover online, I am soooo buying it for you for Christmas. OOOOOOhhh YEAHHHH!

Seriously, Geofferson, keep these blog posts coming. Love the writing, love the tone, love the relevance. Well done.

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