RE: Voting and Daylight Saving Time

2 11 2010

The part about voting…

Today is November 2.  The first Tuesday in November.  Election day.  We knew that already though.  Today is quite the historic election for the State of Oklahoma.  By the end of today we should know who our next governor will be, and no matter which candidate wins we will have a woman governor for the first time in Oklahoma history!  That’s huge and I’m really excited about.  Obviously I have my preference on which candidate wins but I have no intention of turning this blog into a political forum for me to impose my will upon you so I will leave that out.

It’s a very exciting time in American politics these days.  We have become used to ultra-partisanship and negative campaigning, and I believe this is really starting to try the patience of the citizenry.  The boisterous minority on both the left and the right are starting to alienate those of us I consider to be the “moderate masses.”  There are some political academics out there who truly believe the two party system in America is dying.  Both the Democratic and Republican parties appear to be shrinking while people who consider themselves Independents are becoming a force.  I approve of this and I hope the trend continues.  We need some moderation in politics and hopefully in the coming years those of us who use logic and reason to consider political issues will eventually win the battle for control.

So anyway, back to the historicalness (not a word…) of this coming election.  Our President is black and our Governor will be a woman.  I just can’t stress how important and amazing this is.  The walls of the “Old White Man” establishment are crumbling and American politics are becoming more open to everyone.  I’m very excited to see where all of this leads in the future even if we have some difficult times ahead of us while we get through all the growing pains.

Finally, please educate yourself before you vote or don’t vote on a position you are unfamiliar with.  Check out resources such as,, and to get more info if you need.

The part about Daylight Saving Time…

I originally had this idea to write a letter to Daylight Saving Time telling it how much I would miss it and it turned out really sappy, whiny and generally undignified.  I figured just a little blurb about DST would be more appropriate and would make me sound less like a 10 year old crying about not getting a new Lego set on this week’s trip to Wal-mart.

To be honest I don’t really even understand Daylight Saving Time.  It shows up in the Spring, as the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, only to make the days one hour longer.  Then, when Fall comes around making the days shorter and colder, there goes our dear friend DST making the days one hour SHORTER?!  What kind of sense does this make?

I understand there are practical arguments for having Daylight Saving Time.  Something about “saving money” on the cost of “heating and cooling” our buildings.  Whatever, it’s nonsense.  Forget heating and cooling costs and let’s think about what we are going to do after work.  By my count I have 4 days left of post-work daylight to enjoy before Daylight Saving Time flees from Oklahoma turning my world into a dark abyss every day when I leave the office.  This does not please me.  Not to mention the hell this plays on my senses when my sleep schedule is thrown off by an hour twice a year.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but they know that I HATE mornings!

Here’s my proposal.  Instead of going on Daylight Saving Time in the Spring and off of DST in the Fall, I say we go on Daylight Saving Time in the Spring and DOUBLE DOWN ON THE DST IN THE FALL!  Heck yeah boys and girls.  Let’s set those clocks back DOUBLE TIME this weekend.  Why not?!  Who wouldn’t want an EXTRA hour of daylight every evening in the middle of Winter?!  I know I would!

So screw the man!  It’s time we start fighting back against whoever decided to take away my hour of daylight over the Winter.  This is my plea to you, dear readers.  This weekend, on Sunday, instead of doing what we’ve always done and “falling back” by setting your clocks back an hour, set those bad boys forward one more hour and seize the daylight!




2 responses

2 11 2010
Dena Donnell

WOW…I literally laughed outloud when I read your DST post…LOVE IT!!

2 11 2010


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