New Look, New Content, The Long Spin is ALIVE!

15 06 2010

The ride is over, so the blog must be over too, right?  No, not at all.  I’ve just decided to broaden the content and keep making updates.  So here is what to expect from the future of The Long Spin.

First, I don’t intend to stop riding my bike.  Not only that, I intend to start running and swimming.  As the final Lake Tahoe post indicated, I told everyone to stay tuned for the future because more events may be in store.  Well, I haven’t committed to any new Team In Training events just yet, but I plan on it next year.  I would like to go for the Team In Training Triple Crown.  That includes fundraising and completing a century bike ride (done and done), a marathon and a triathalon.  As many of you are aware, I had some running problems last year when I was training for a marathon.  I’m ready to give it another go and I think I’m prepared to deal with the potential injury problems I face before.   So, you can expect to get updates on any new training plans I have and how my foray into running and swimming go as well as continued updates on any new cycling adventures.  For instance, this Saturday a group of us from the Tahoe team are riding in the 56 mile Baptist Children’s Home Bike Ride!

Second, as a part of working on my personal fitness I will (obsessively) research fitness and nutrition.  This includes reading articles from experts on fitness and nutrition as well as researching the best possible ways to achieve my goals through training plans and new fitness technology.  When I find something super interesting or when I learn something I will pass that on through this blog.  Not only will it help pass on valuable information but it will help me have a central location for all the interesting stuff I find to refer back to.  Win-win.

Finally, I plan on keeping fully up-to-date on new research, information, and opportunities in the ongoing battle against cancer.  Since I will be trying to make a commitment to raise more money for cancer research and publicize it through Team In Training and other organizations I think it is only appropriate that I know where that money is going and what advances in technology that money is creating.  And if you have actually taken the time to read this blog throughout our training and if you made a donation to our fundraising campaign you should also be interested.  Therefore, I will relay whatever interesting information in the battle against cancer that I find.

As a final note, I don’t intend to make these posts novels.  I’m hoping for short, interesting posts that will give you the headlines and interesting pieces and then give links to the full articles if you want to know more.  And as always, I will do my best to provide picture for anything I manage to do.  Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to read as this blog changes and I continue my journey through fitness, nutrition, and the battle against cancer.

Oh, and if you happen to come across any interesting information that you think needs to be passed on just let me know and I will post it up!

PS – Check out my links to the right.  Some blogs of friends/family, some cancer research related websites, and some fitness & nutrition related websites.  I will continue to update this with new links and if you would like me to add anything, including your blog (whether related to this blog’s content or not) just let me know and I will get it added!




3 responses

15 06 2010

Very cool, GL!

15 06 2010

How about a shout out to your AMAZING swim coach?! That stroke’s looking pretty good.
Really though, your ambition and motivation are impressive and inspiring.

15 06 2010
Dena Donnell

Love this! I can’t wait to keep reading. Love you!

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