The Redbud Classic: A Milestone Ride

13 04 2010

The start of the 52 mile Redbud Classic

Gary and Geoff at the Redbud Classic

We’ve reached quite a milestone I should say!  This last weekend the team rode in the 52 mile Redbud Classic in Oklahoma City.  We’re officially halfway there!  We have completed our half-century ride in our training, and this is a big accomplishment in itself at this point.  If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I would ride my bike over 50 miles last Saturday I would have laughed at you.  We did it though, and it was a great ride.  Even the weather wasn’t bad at all except for the typical Oklahoma 18-20mph winds most of the day.

This is an annual ride that takes us from the middle of Oklahoma City out to Jones, Oklahoma and back.  It was really an enjoyable experience with great weather and excellent support from the organizers.  They managed to get police and city workers from OKC, Choctaw, Jones, and all the other small communities and areas we rode through to come together to give all the riders a safe and fun event.  Also, the money raised for this event goes to a great cause.  The Redbud benefits the Safe Kids Foundation (I think that’s what it’s called anyway), an organization designed to keep kids safe by preventing accidental injury (a leading cause of child death).  They teach kids how to properly wear a helmet on a bike and how to ride safely on the streets for instance.  It’s really a great event and a great benefit.  Big shout out to the organizers for everything they did!  Can’t wait to come back next year!

The ride really did feel great too.  Each week just seems to get more enjoyable and I just keep feeling stronger each week, which is really nice.  And to put this all in perspective, 52 miles was the farthest I’ve ever ridden my bike.  That means, every long ride we do from now until the event will be the longest ride of my life.  That’s really exciting, and a little bit scary.  I definitely look forward to the challenge.  And no matter how hard it gets for me I know that it isn’t near as hard as battling cancer.

So there you have it, our miles have reached the halfway point.  We rode 52 miles in under 3.5 hours.  Yesterday, we did a 10 mile ride averaging over 17mph.  The weather is just getting nicer and nicer (and windier and windier).  Training is going great and I love cycling more than ever!  Can’t wait for the next long ride.  So far I’ve had a fantastic time training with my dad and all the other Team In Training teammates of mine.  They are all fantastic people and are a real pleasure to be around and make really great friends.  The last thing we need is the… you guessed it… MONEY!  Fundraising is going a little slow but we plan on hitting it hard from now until the event.  Letters should be going out this week to family and friends asking for donations to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help cure blood cancers.  Please feel free to go on and take advantage of the 100% secure, 100% tax deductible donation (this time of year we all know how important tax deductions are!!) by clicking on the link below or the link at the right of the page to go to Gary’s donation page.  Thank you for your support and GO TEAM!!





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13 04 2010

Very impressed…52 miles is a long way! 🙂

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