When The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plains

2 04 2010

Gary and the TNT boss Jill

A brief respite from the wind

Sorry for the lack of a prompt post this week.  It has been a crazy week.  I’m sure it has been a crazy week for you too.  Just like every week…

Anyway, to start us off, I managed to get a couple of quick pics from our ride last Saturday.  The two pictures are from a brief stop we made about 10 miles into the ride to hide from the wind and take in some food and drink.  We ended up riding 35 miles that day, riding from Lake Overholser to Tuttle and back.  It was a good ride, but it wasn’t as warm as we would have liked and we dealt with a brisk side wind the entire day.

The rest of the week just got windier though.  We managed rides on Sunday through Wednesday, but every day the wind was stronger than the day before.  20mph, 25mph, 40mph gusts.  It was a little silly, but it made for good training.  If you can ride into an Oklahoma wind you can ride in anything!

On a different note, I have some sad news.  A friend’s mother passed away last week after about a 2 year battle with cancer.  It’s just one more reason that we need to continue to fight back and put more money into research and the resources that patients and families need.  So while I sit here and complain about how windy it is, I try to remind myself why it is I’m out in the wind.  I’m there to accomplish an important goal:  To raise money for an organization trying to defeat blood cancers and to promote the organization and the good work they do.  It isn’t easy riding into a 25-30mph wind blasting you in the face, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than fighting cancer.

We are right at 2 months out from the event and so it’s really important that we make a big push this month on fundraising.  This bike ride means nothing if we don’t accomplish the fundraising goal.  The money is the important part.  The money is what goes into researching new cures and methods of fighting blood cancers.  The money is what buys the equipment and provides the services to patients and their families.  The cycling is just the means to an end.  It is a way to promote the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, raise awareness, and ask for your support.  The fundraising is the ultimate goal, it’s the part that does all the real hard work.  And we need your help now.  Please take a minute to click the link below to head over to my dad’s fundraising page and make a donation to support the mission of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  GO TEAM!!





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2 04 2010

Good post. Sorry to hear about your friend’s mom. 😦

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