HOW TO: Beat the Wednesday Slump

18 03 2010

So we had a good training last week, but this week we got off to a slow start.  We took Monday off and tentatively planned on riding Tuesday after work.  Well, if you live in OKC and went outside on Tuesday after work you might remember it being a little less than ideal for riding a bike.  It was a little windy and little cold for our tastes.  It just didn’t look like much fun so we wimped out and decided another day of rest wouldn’t be a bad idea.  (HTFU?)

Wednesday rolled around and we had a group ride planned for last evening with some of the Team In Training folks.  We rushed over and made it just time only to find out that one other person would be riding that night!  We thought we might have more people (looking at you, Lance!) but three was the number.  So Bob, Dad, and I rolled out from the park setting our sights on a 20 mile ride.

I’ve done this ride before, this 20 mile ride out to Express Ranches and back.  But I’ve never done it that fast.  It was quite windy and there are some decent rolling hills (with treacherous road quality) but it never seemed to get us down too much.  Long story short, we whipped around that ride loop in great time and knocked out an excellent mid-week training ride.  That was about the best way I could imagine to break the mid-week slump that always comes along with Wednesday.

Now it’s Thursday and in an hour and a half I will stop languishing at my desk, take off from work and we will have a ride around Lake Hefner this evening.  Since I’m sitting here looking at the weather telling me it’s 60 degrees and only a 10mph wind, I can’t wait.  Great evening for a ride!

As for this weekend, we have our team ride scheduled for Sunday afternoon (considering Saturday is supposed to be a wintery storm? sigh…) so check back next week to see how that goes for us.  As a side note, I would like to point out that we are only 2.5 months away from the event and training is progressing as well as can be expected.  What is NOT progressing as well is the fundraising.  We are working on getting some letters out to ask for help, but why wait!  We need your help now.  By simply clicking the link below, you can go to my dad’s fundraising webpage and make a donate.  100% tax deductible, 100% secure and safe, 100% to help cure leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers.  We have a long ways to go so let’s get started today!  Thanks for your help and support.  GO TEAM!!


As a bonus, here are some pictures from last weekend’s Sunday recovery ride and our little cyclist-in-the-making, Hudson.

Sunday Recover Ride

Future Cyclist

Future Cyclist




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18 03 2010

I have to say…the cyclist in the making is pretty darn cute!!

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