Last Week In Review

15 03 2010

Hi there friends, family, and supporters of The Long Spin!  Here it is, late Monday morning and the fog has not yet lifted (from my head).  Last week was a great training week for us and now it’s time for an update.  We managed to fit two midweek rides last week on Tuesday and Thursday.  They were relatively unremarkable except that on Thursday we managed to get rained on a bit.  It was kind of nice though, it was really just a light sprinkle but it’s kind of fun being out in the elements.

As for the weekend, we had another great Team In Training group ride.  This weekend’s long ride was a 30 mile out-and-back route northwest of OKC.  Here’s a pic of dad and a shot of some of the team members just before we started:

As you can see, he’s dressed up in the warmer riding clothes.  Full sleeves, full legs, full gloves, etc.  It wasn’t terribly cold on Saturday, but it was quite windy.  We started out heading northwest along Northwest Expressway (makes sense I guess?).  On the 15 mile ride out we were riding directly into the wind pretty much the whole time.  In addition, we had some medium sized rolling hills to contend with.  All of this adds up to a great training experience.  Since we will be battling some multi-mile steep hills in Tahoe, the wind and small hills we rode do a great job of preparing us.

The nice thing about starting out in the wind for 15 miles is the 15 miles of wind at our backs on the trip back.  It made a huge difference and made the trip back a real blast.  Let’s just say there were a few times where speeds exceeded 30mph coming back into town.  Sure do love that Oklahoma wind!

So anyway, we completed the ride in about an hour and 20 minutes and loaded up the bikes to head back home, but first we had to stop and pick up some chocolate milk (the best post-ride recovery drink around!).  Finally, Sunday morning we managed to get up and get in an extra 10 mile recovery ride to help work out some of the stiffness in the legs.

All in all, it was a great training week.  Our total mileage was between 60-65 miles for the week and this week it will be even higher with planned midweek rides on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Wednesday we are actually getting together with some of the team members for a midweek group ride.  Should be a lot of fun and with the time change (making me sleepy this morning) it will give us a lot of extra daylight to ride.

Thanks for tagging along on my recount of last week’s rides and hope you keep coming back!  As it stands now we are only about 2.5 months away from the event and we really need your help to accomplish our goal!  My dad is still a long ways away from meeting his fundraising goal and so if you have the ability I ask that you please take a trip to his fundraising page by clicking on Gary’s link on the right side of the page or at the bottom of this post.  All donations are 100% tax deductible and go directly to supporting the mission of the Leukemia & Lyphoma Society (Which you can find out more about by clicking here).  Thanks for your support.







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17 03 2010

Good stuff! So pround of you guys. I can’t wait for you to do 30 out and then back! It sucks getting to Okarche and having to turn around…without any fried chicken! 🙂

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