Out of the Cold, Into the Water

8 03 2010

It looks like we are finally starting to enter a period of temperatures that are a little more conducive to bike riding than what we’ve been having. I like this trend. Warmer temperatures mean more days to ride. And let’s not forget we are one week away from DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Huzzah!

The beginning of daylight savings time is the annual cycling renaissance. It marks the rebirth and revival of cycling season. I’m sure you’ve already seen the start of this change. If you’ve driven past your local lake or large park you’ve likely seen some cyclists already hitting the trails and roads. Just wait until next week. Soon, we will be able to hit the roads for an epic bike ride on a Tuesday evening if we want! That is, until you check the weather forecast… Sure, we are out of the deep, dark abyss of Winter, but Spring brings a whole new onslaught of weather that we must all contend with in our outdoor activities. Rain, wind, and TORNADOES! (I’m not really scared of tornadoes, that was just for dramatic effect).

So here’s how my weekend went down. Our weekend Team In Training ride was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Well, the clouds poured in and kept us under cover all day with light rain off and on, so the ride was unfortunately canceled. But fear not! Saturday, we rode! Shani (one of my sisters) and I went out and rode 20 miles on Saturday. I’ll be honest, I was impressed because Shani hasn’t been on a bike in many many months and we knocked it out no problem. We went out to the Oklahoma river and rode the trails there. It was a really nice day to ride with the typical Oklahoma wind blowing out of all directions at once. My dad was down in Dallas with the rest of the family and he went out and got a 30 miler in from Dena and Kelly’s house (the sister/bro-in-law).

So all in all it was a successful weekend. I was really looking forward to two ride this weekend, but I’m at least thankful for the one ride on Saturday. It was good to ride with Shani again and I look forward to the next time we can get out again. I hope all of you had a great weekend, thanks for reading. GO TEAM!!


P.S. – Apparently people who have subscribed aren’t getting emails when I make a new post.  Trying to track down the cause of this, hopefully I can get it figured out.




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8 03 2010

I’m getting the email updates…no worries! 🙂

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