Beautiful Day, Beautiful Ride

27 02 2010

Team In Training Ride at Lake Hefner

As promised, here is your post after our first official team ride! I kinda neglected to get any decent pictures from the ride or of team people or anything, but I do have one showing off the crazy nice day we had! It was pretty much perfect weather for the whole ride. A tiny bit of a breeze, a little bit cool, basically ideal for what kind of weather we’ve been having lately.

We started out with two laps of Lake Hefner at our own pace and it really felt great. It was nice to finally get out for a decent ride on my new bike on actual concrete instead of the living room carpet. After the second lap, 5 of us decided to hit it for a third lap. This time we were planning on practicing our drafting skills to help get each other through the wind. Everything was fine until my legs started to feel the burn of the third lap and I had a bit of trouble keeping up, eventually I dropped off the pack (weak!). With a little drafting off of our coach I managed to hook back up with the group and we finished off the last lap for a total ride distance of 28.4 miles, taking right around 2 hours.

So that’s about all the update I can manage for the ride.  All I know is the engine on my bike (me) needs more work!  That’s what training is for though. The ride was great and I look forward to the coming week of training and the group ride next week. For the rest of the weekend I have some serious relaxing and resting planned. Tonight we (and by we I mean family, girlfriend, and roommates) are going to stuff our faces with some German food in celebration of my 27th day of birth that comes tomorrow.

Speaking of which, in celebration of my miraculous feat of achieving 27 years of life, I have a challenge for our blog readers! For every person that makes a comment on this post, and for every subscription to the blog by Monday morning, I will donate $1 to Team In Training. That means if you leave a comment AND subscribe that’s $2 you will make me donate. So leave a comment, subscribe to the blog with your email at the right of the page, and keep coming back for more updates! And I don’t care what kind of comment you leave, it can be anything from a “Happy Birthday!” to a “Go Team!” or whatever you want! So tell your friends, have them tell their friends, and let’s get people aware of the what Team In Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society are all about! And while you are at it, don’t forget to stop by my dad’s Team In Training Donation page and make a 100% tax-deductible donation to help end the scourge of blood cancer! GO TEAM!





2 responses

28 02 2010

I’m going to have to go with….”GO TEAM!” You are doing great! You will be amazed at how much progress you will make over the next few months! I guess I’ll throw in a Happy Birthday Too! Love ya!

28 02 2010

Happy Birthday baby brother! I’m so glad you all had a nice ride yesterday…makes me laugh that you said your engine needs some work! 🙂 Love you!

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