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25 02 2010

Just a quick little bit of info for everyone who is interested in following along with our training this year.  If you look at the right side of the blog there is a box labeled “EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION.”  You can use that to put your email address in and get an email sent to you whenever I make a new post.  That way you can stay right up to date with our training and know exactly when something new is on the blog.  It’s a nice convenience feature for those who are interested, I really recommend using it (plus it gives me motivation to keep the posts coming if I see a lot of subscriptions!).

As for an actual training update, it looks like tonight will be another indoor training ride, but Saturday is shaping up to be a beautiful day to ride.  We have a team training ride scheduled for late Saturday morning out at Lake Hefner.  We will knock out 19 miles at minimum, possibly up to 28ish.  I will try to get some pictures snapped and give everyone a taste of what our team rides are like!

So anyway, thanks for following us.  Sign up for an email subscription and make sure to check back later for updates from this weekend!






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